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Witchcraft Heights Elementary School
Parent Teacher Organization

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This organization shall be called Witchcraft Heights Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (WHES PTO).


Mission Statement

The PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the educational experiences of the School's students by:

  • providing an organization through which the parents, school, and teachers can work cooperatively; and
  • providing financial and voluntary support for programs funded outside of the annual school budget.



(Section 1) This organization shall be a non-profit organization. The use of funds, dues, and proceeds derived by this organization shall be for the benefit and improvement of the school. The funds may not be used to support any political or sanctioned drive.

(Section 2) Any person volunteering at a PTO event or serving in an official PTO position must have an approved CORI check prior to volunteering.

(Section 3) In the event of the dissolution of the organization, a committee shall be immediately appointed by the organization to disburse all funds on hand within thirty days of the dissolution date. Such disbursement shall be for the benefit of the school, under the laws of the State of Massachusetts.



(Section 1) All parents and/or legal guardians of current WHES Elementary School students and all current paid employees of the WHES Elementary School are Regular Members of the WHES PTO.

(Section 2) Regular Members have the right to attend and participate in all public meetings and activities of the WHES PTOpending approved CORI check.

(Section 3) Every Regular Member in attendance at WHES PTO meetings shall be eligible to vote.


Officers and Their Election

(Section 1) The officers of the organization shall be at least aPresident, 2 Co- Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall be chosen from among those who are members in good standing of the organization.

(Section 2) The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, 2 Co- Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer, and the Principal (ex-officio). The Executive Committee may make decisions on an ad hoc basis between meetings.

(Section 3) These offices shall be held for one year. Elections shall take place each spring prior to the close of the academic year. Officers shall assume their duties immediately following the close of the elementary school academic year. Officers shall be elected to a term of one year and may be re-elected to additional terms.

(Section 4) All elections shall be by majority vote. Each member present to vote shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members.

(Section 5) Any vacancy may be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. The newly appointed officer would serve for the remainder of the current term.

(Section 6) Termination: With the advice and consent of the Principal, an elected officer may be terminated prior to the end of the term by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

(Section 7) The Principal of Witchcraft Heights Elementary School shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee. Furthermore, the principal shall be the official representative of the school and shall present all suggested projects to the proper school officials for approval.



(Section 1) PRESIDENT:

a. To prepare agendas in cooperation with the principal prior to the meeting.
b. To convene meetings.
c. To preside at meetings.
d. To facilitate any group discussions.
e. To call for members for committees.
f. To review the minutes.
g. To work closely with the principal and teacher representative in matters that relate to the PTO.
h. To make presentations to various groups and school board, if requested.
i. To orientate the new President.
j. To plan the annual calendar.
k. Sign checks in absence of the Treasurer.


a. To act as aid to the President.
b. To perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer.
c. To coordinate special projects as they arise.

(Section 3) SECRETARY:

a. To attend all meetings and record proceedings and votes of the PTO.
b. To submit minutes of the monthly PTO meetings to the principal and general membership prior to the next scheduled meeting.
c. To make any necessary revisions to the monthly PTO meeting minutes and distribute to the general membership within two weeks of the meeting when the revisions were discussed.
d. To assist the President in handling any necessary correspondence.

(Section 4) TREASURER:

a. To receive all PTO monies.
b. To keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.
c. To make payments as authorized in the Approved Budget, or by the Executive Board or WHES PTO.
d. To present a report of activity at each meeting.
e. To present a statement of accounts to the executive requested by the Executive Board.
f. To review the monthly bank statement with the Vice-President.


a. The Executive Committee may transact business of the organization up to $1500.00 if necessary.
b. President and Treasurer may transact business of the organization up to $300.00 if necessary.
c. No action shall be in conflict with that taken by the voting body of the organization.



  • Standing Committees shall be formed as necessary by the Executive Board. These committees shall review and present plans/options to the WHES PTO and designate subcommittees pertaining to their separate functions. These committees shall make initial decisions relating to their function; however, no decision shall be acted upon without approval of the Executive Board or the voting membership.
  • The Executive Board may delegate authority to enter into contracts or agreements for the purchase of materials or services on behalf of the organization to the Chairperson of a committee and/or to any member of the committee.
  • Any person to whom this authority is delegated, shall only be authorized to exercise this authority within the stated purpose of the committee and only within the budget of the committee.



(Section 1) The organization will meet on a regular basis. The dates of the meetings shall be flexible so as to adjust to the school calendar.

(Section 2) Members present at a duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum.

(Section 3) The privilege of holding office, making motions, debating and voting shall be limited to representatives of the organization that have regularly attended scheduled meetings.

(Section 4)

  • Executive Board meetings shall be called as needed by the Executive Board to vote on PTO business or take other action that cannot wait until a regular PTO meeting.
  • Executive Board meetings shall be authorized to be conducted via electronic means, with the Secretary keeping hard copy record of any votes taken.
  • Only the Officers of the Executive Board shall be eligible to vote at Executive Board meetings.



1. Financial Prohibitions

  • As a volunteer organization, the Witchcraft Heights School PTO shall not pay or provide any remuneration to the Officers of the Executive Board, Committee Chairpersons, Committee Members or any other member of the organization for their volunteer service to the organization.
  • There shall be no commingling of Witchcraft Heights School PTO funds with the personal, professional, or business accounts of any inpiduals, groups or businesses. This shall include a prohibition against providing Witchcraft Heights School PTO funds as a loan to anyone for any purpose.

2. Financial Institution

  • The financial institution used by the Witchcraft Heights School PTO shall be a Federal or State Chartered Bank or Credit Union approved by the Board.
  • The authorized signatures of the account shall be the Presidents and the

Treasurer. Any one of these inpiduals, and only these inpiduals, are authorized to withdraw funds, write checks, drafts, or other expenditures for the payment of money on behalf of the organization.

  • An authorized disbursement to any of the authorized signatories to the account

requires the consent and action of another signatory. For example, the Treasurer

cannot write a check made out to the Treasurer the Presidents must sign

the check.

  • The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring all monies of the Witchcraft Heights School PTO are deposited in a timely manner into the account.

3. Annual Budget

  • The Fiscal Year shall run from September 1 through August 31.
  • At the last scheduled Regular PTO meeting of the year, the Treasurer shall prepare and present a proposed budget for the following year. At a minimum, the Budget shall include:
  • Current Balance as of the date of the meeting
  • Expected and reasonable expenditures through the remainder of the fiscal year.
  • Reasonable estimates for fundraising activities during the first four months of the new fiscal year. If funds allow, the Treasurer may assume zero fundraising during this period for planning purposes.
  • A listing of non-discretionary funds committed to the next fiscal year (for
  • example, Scholarship awards committed to the recipients).
  • A listing of recommended discretionary expenditures proposed for the next fiscal year.
  • The proposed budget must be in balance, meaning the Projected Balance is nonnegative.
  • The PTO may discuss the proposed budget as needed. Changes to the proposed budget may be made as determined by the discussion.
  • The President shall not allow a vote on a proposed Budget that is not in
  • balance.
  • Approval of the budget is by majority vote. The PTO must vote to approve a Budget at this meeting.

4. Changing the Approved Budget

  • The Treasurer shall keep track of actual expenditures vs. budget items.
  • The Treasurer shall not reimburse an expense that exceeds the Approved Budget for that budget item.
  • All expenditures must be backed up by receipts.
  • A proposal to modify the Approved Budget may be made by any PTO member (including the Treasurer) at any scheduled Regular PTO Meeting. If the majority of the eligible PTO membership votes to accept the proposed change, the Treasurer will update the Approved Budget prior to the next report.
  • By majority vote, the Executive Board may, at any time, vote to modify the Approved Budget. This vote shall be included in the Recording Secretaryís Report at the next Regular PTO Meeting.

5. Reporting

  • The Treasurer shall keep track of all actual deposits and expenditures.
  • At every Regular PTO Meeting, the Treasurer shall provide a written financial report that the Recording Secretary keeps with the minutes of the meeting. At a minimum, the report shall contain:
  • All income received and deposited since the previous Treasurers Report, organized by budget item
  • All expenditures made since the previous Treasurers Report, organized by budget item
  • The remaining balance of all budget items
  • At a minimum of two Regular PTO Meetings each year, the Treasurer shall provide an updated estimate of the end-of-year balance. The estimated end-of-year balance is the current Closing Balance plus the reasonable estimated income from all remaining fundraisers minus all estimated expenditures.
  • The Treasurer shall complete an End-Of-Year report of all financial activities within 31 days of the end of the Fiscal Year. Additional copies of the report shall be distributed to the Principal of the school and to the other Executive Board members.

6. Dissolution

  • Should the Witchcraft Heights School PTO be dissolved for any reason, the following shall dictate how remaining assets shall be disbursed.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring all outstanding debts are paid off and adequate time to clear has passed.
  • The Treasurer shall present an inventory of all remaining assets to the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board shall determine how to distribute these assets for one or purpose with relevance to the Witchcraft Heights School.



These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting provided the proposed amendment has been presented through the executive committee and has been read at the previous meeting of the organization.

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